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Slots for me personally are the only gambling entertainment that never gets boring. This is due to the huge variety of this game, in which it is simply impossible to find something boring. Of course, to maintain the excitement you need to win regularly. In this article, I will tell you by examples how simple mathematical calculations can be used to calculate the possibility of winning in simple slots.

I must say that for the calculations you need to take it simple slots, in which there are no bonus games, wild and other things, as in complex slots calculations are very difficult and often paid; or to build an emulator requires knowledge of programming languages. Everything else, for the correct calculation you need to know the layout of the slot, in some casinos it is freely available. Alternatively, the slot layout must be bounded, as in the example below.

Example # 1: a game slot, Craps, casino Aplay

Calculate simple slots

Simple slot with three regular six-sided dice. The win depends on the amount of points or the combination.


1 to 1 - any pair;
2 to 1 - if the sum of the three dice is seven. It is important to take into account that a pair of units plus five, a pair of triples plus one and a pair of twos plus three are considered as seven points, not as a pair;
4 and 1 - one plus two plus three;
10 to 1 - if all three numbers are the same;
Mini-jackpot. For the convenience of calculations, we take it for a standard payment of 2 to 1 when a four plus five plus six.
The number of possible variants of bone loss on each line is 6*6*6=216. In this example, the method of calculation will take too much. It is necessary to calculate how many pairs, sums and so on will be in these 216 combinations. First, let's count the pairs. For ease of understanding, we introduce symbols: x — a repeating number, Y — a random number from 1 to 6, not giving a set or number 7 in total. There are only 3 variants of falling out of the pair. This is x-x-Y; Y-x-x and x-Y-x. Substitute in the first case the number 1 instead of x. it Turns Out 1-1-Y=2,3,4,6 (5-ku throw, as with it in the sum of the cubes is the number 7). Multiply by 3 possible combinations. Get 12 different pairs with units. We also deal with numbers 2 and 3. It turns out already 36 options. Take the number 4 instead of x, and Y will be equal to 1,2,3,4,5, or 6. Again multiply by 3 and get 15 possible combinations. We do the same with numbers 5 and 6. Now let's sum up all the combinations. 36 to 45 added and the resulting 81 combination of the pairs.

Now let's go through all the options in which the sum of the numbers on the dice is 7. It turns out 3 options 1,1,5; 3 options 2,2,3; 3 options 3,3,1 and 6 variants with numbers 1,2,4. A total of 15 options.

Sequence 1+2+3 can fall 6 ways. The mini-jackpot and the set can also fall only 6 times each.

Sum up. A total of 216 combinations may fall. One of them could be the pair 81, 15 sevens, sets, mini-jackpots and sequence sequence 6 combinations of each.

To calculate the amount, you need to substitute the amount of payments for each loss: 81*1 + 15*2 + 6*4 + 6*10 + 6*2=207. So, of all the possible 216 combinations, 207 will bring returns. The difference between these values is 9. It turns out that we will lose 9 out of 216 bets. Thus, the advantage of the casino is 9/216*100=4,167%. The advantage of the player could be said if the return for the back would be more.

In this example, the number of possible combinations is small, so it was easier to consider it as a brute force. If the combinations of several thousand or even millions, this method is clearly not suitable. The second example will focus on how to deal with such cases.

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One of the most popular places in any casino is always a platform with slot machines. Of course, like everything else in casinos, the automata are set up so that they would never remain in the red so one of the most common strategies of the game is to watch the machine and expect to win. It consists in the fact that in a slot machine in which players lose for a long time more than they win, there is a greater likelihood of winning the jackpot or simply speaking a successful combination as he has already had enough. However, it is worth remembering that the chance of winning in the slot machine is still based on pure luck and cannot be calculated

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And how to watch the online machine? Perhaps this is only possible in a real casino, and not on the Internet. I prefer to play in real life, not online. It seems to me that the Internet can deceive me ...

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If the expected payoff with a bonus is negative and the operator limits the maximum bet, the increase in the amount of bonus money has the opposite effect. It’s harder for us to win at a casino with a big bonus and a high wager. For the reason, one cannot place more than a certain bet and one cannot withdraw money even partially until the bonus conditions are fulfilled.

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RE: Calculate simple slots

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You just need to understand how to choose the most profitable slots and slot machines on the payoff. At the moment, hundreds of decent slot machines have been released. In some online casinos, their choice is more than enough. NetEnt has produced a huge number of decent slot machines, so the choice is great. I recommend to take slots with a return higher than 96%. It is not necessary to chase the maximum values. Choose to your taste but with a high percentage of payments.

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