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This strategy is based on the statistics of four leading national European football Championships. It is based on the study of Opta, which is one of the world leaders in the analysis of sports statistics.

Graphs on Opta research www.pin-up.bet

Employees of the company estimated statistics of all games of the Championships of Spain, Italy, England and Germany for the period from 2010 to 2019. From such a huge database we have the chart shown in the screenshot.

Each line represents the following:

Home Team Down 1 – home team is losing by one goal
Down 1 Away Team – the away team loses by one goal
Home Team Down 2 – the home team is losing by two goals
Away Team Down 2 – the away team loses by two goals
The X-axis shows the time intervals of the match, and the Y-Axis shows the team's chances to even the score.

From our chart we can see that the average home team, which loses by 30 minutes in one ball, in about 48% of cases compares the score. At the same time, the guest team compares the score only in 36% of cases.

It is much lower to equalize the teams that lose 2 goals. If by the 55th minute the team loses two goals, the home team compares the score of only 10% of games, and the guest team in 7-8% of games.

Since we know what is the probability of comparing the team's score when losing one or two goals, we can build our strategy from this. Just look at the bookmaker's odds and check them against our schedule.

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Let's say that the guest team loses in one ball 55 minutes. The probability that the team will even the score is 30%. This means that if a bookmaker accepts a bet on the market "1X" with a coefficient higher than 3.34, then in theory such a bet will bring income.

It should be borne in mind that if the home team is Osasuna, and the guest Barcelona, the probability of passing such an outcome is much lower if the teams would have changed roles. Therefore, the strategy will work in situations where the initial chances of the teams to win are approximately equal.

It is necessary to pay attention also to what compositions are present on the field. Perhaps the match has already been removed, which distorted the probability of the passage of our market.

This OPTA study can give rise to a wide variety of thoughts. Surely there are certain trends that are almost on the surface and that can generate income. However, in order to detect them, it is necessary to conduct a large-scale study by testing various betting strategies.

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Experienced betters rarely bet with bookmakers at random. Usually, every professional gambler has a clearly developed plan to help increase the chance that the stake will play. Yes, it works far from always and not at all. But it is better to have such a plan and follow it than to set it chaotically and without thinking. Better's proven and consistent behavior in the betting world is called strategy. The main goal of any gambler is to win not only as much as possible but as stable as possible in order to make a profit on a permanent basis. And for this there are a number of strategies designed for the most part to use over the long term.

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All those who make bets on sports have their own strategy. Even if the player is not trying to formulate it or somehow determine it is still there. Any professional player in a bookmaker makes a bet based on past experience. That is, it puts it not thoughtlessly, but in accordance with its own ideas about competent play.

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I prefer the strategy of Martingale in betting or playing after the game, the essence of which is a gradual increase in interest rates depending on how much profit was obtained. The essence of the system is contained in the successive doubling of the amount of the lost bet with the condition that the coefficient is sufficiently high not less than 2.0. Applying this strategy, I have repeatedly won.

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Any strategy is very good. Therefore, you can not rely on your intuition. Mathematics helps us in everything. Therefore, the risk is not worth it. Especially when you have not analyzed the situation!!!

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