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N reason not to watch the World Cup

Chang Hung-liang in the did you know I'm waiting for you to sing: "inexplicable, and I love you for no reason, no reason". Are so used to lots of things, not you like, and some people didn't like. 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup coming, a lot of joy, and began to burn the midnight oil, after all, this is a show fan, or like it. Also, for me, even for those who don't know a ball, the World Cup is the World Cup, I was still me, life goes on, still will not watch the World Cup, cheap fifa coins ps3 the truth is extremely simple, since I don't know any ball, but do not know the World Cup. Like many column which do not need to list not watch the World Cup nA reason? I think this should be necessary! I would like to express their attitudes and realities, only this one reason: natural is not like sport. For sporting events, I have never cared. Possibly, it is the personality of it! On the balance of nature, I have no more love affairs. However, the ball just doesn't seem interested, especially football. Since it is a natural or not, why waste your life and time? Starting from scratch, I have almost no good at sports, and even more so on the ball. Therefore, the World Cup is coming, and I'm indifferent, (view more fifa news) as a layman, does not understand just don't get it, likes it or not, truth is so simple. That there would be no need to watch it, force yourself to watch, it is a forced, nor have any good results a second reason: brother, I really don't understand. Understand people would look at the doorway of the ball, don't know ball people only watch the fun. Therefore, I do not see it! In fact, at the college level, has also been really fun times. 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, at the undergraduate level at that time, there was a television in the classroom. As a result, for the summer, a lot of people had gathered to watch, attentively, staring. I snuggle up watching it a few times, but really he was a kind of torture. A lot of people, a lot of mosquitoes, how? Although soccer is very simple, but grew up without loving cells, are not read.

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