Two stage fermentors with lid lifting system

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Tank features: John Crane mechanical seals, intake sterile filter, exhaust condenser, including air intake system distributor, flame inoculation mouth (also doghouse and cleaning the mouth), the discharge opening, sampling ports, feeding mouth; five electrode automatic control parameters are: PH electrode, DO electrode, anti-foaming electrode, temperature probe port; four were automatically controlled peristaltic pump up the acid / base / bubble enemy / training agents;

Motor: fermentation tank dedicated motor, ensure that the motor can operate in harsh environments;
Ventilation: The way deep ventilation, rotameter display, adjust the gas flow, the air tank is uniform gas distribution according to process requirements; using precision 0.2μm sterilizing filter (Dominica or Shanghai Yiming), anti- material backflow devices to ensure the safety and greatly extend the service life;
Mixing system: mechanical mixing system, John Crane mechanical seals, Siemens converter
Stir form: straight blade impeller (two) pitched blade impeller (a), mechanical compression type defoaming paddle (a), four-speed material plate;
Fermentation pH control: using intelligent PID control, dedicated Mettler PH electrode;
DO degree of fermentation control: using intelligent PID control, dedicated Mettler DO electrode;

Temperature control: electric heating, water cooling, circulating pump loop temperature control, air and water supply for self-escape function, over-temperature protection, with good heat exchange efficiency; intelligent control module not only ensures rapid temperature control but also realize energy .
Feeding: complete feeding system (acids, alkalis, bubble enemy, training agents), can be time quantitative feeding; four peristaltic pump can select sub-set respectively in the control interface, convenient and flexible in actual use. With a specially designed feeding pins to ensure safe operation of feeding;

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