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I have become involved with many network marketing companies the last year.

All are based on the internet and this is the big difference than when I last had a go at it about 10 years ago. Back then it was all phone calls Jordan Shoes For Sale , letters, group presentations and one on one coffee shop presentations. After a while of almost making it work I gave up. It just had enough of all that and ran out of a warm market. I should say they ran away from me when they saw me coming. Haha.

Well, I got back into it because I knew a few people who had made money and one was my brother. Not only were these people making money, they were making a lot of it. When I saw that now I could have a website to promote and could buy leads, email them, call them, work on getting traffic etc... I thought I would give it another try.

A year later I have had some success. I have been able to put together a group of a couple thousand members in a few companies and it is growing.

What I am realizing now though, is that to be real successful at online network marketing, you should have some offline strategies also. It just makes sense and will give you a great advantage over your competition if you do so. ( By the way, I have tried two companies that strongly push the idea of just buying leads and sending them emails using an auto-responder. Both of them failed miserably and I lost a good amount of money. That just doesn't work well enough to build a good business in my opinion. Auto-responders work but don't use them exclusively.)

Here are a few ways to get an offline recruiting and advertising campaign going.

1. Put ads in your local paper. This is still working for many people. If they didn't work you wouldn't keep seeing them there.

2. Put ads in a national paper or magazines. This is obviously much more expensive but also reaches a greater amount of people. If you do this you need to be prepared to handle all the leads and calls.

3. Distribute flyers.

4. Use drop cards.

5. Hand out business cards.

6. Advertise on the radio; expensive but effective. I used it last year and will use the radio again at some point.

7. Television advertising. Again, expensive but worthwhile if you can afford it. I actually belong to a TV Co-op company that will use TV ads as a main source of growth. Here is that company:

The television advertising seems to be a currently popular way to advertise for network marketing companies. I have heard several companies say they are planning to do this in 2005 including Better Universe, Fruta Vida and Vergance.

8. Mail coupon advertising such as Money Mailer or Adworks. This advertising usually costs about 3 cents a home and can go out to tens of thousands at a time. Or even hundreds of thousands.

9. Posting ads on bulletin boards.

10. Buying leads and calling. This is still a very powerful way to recruit people and get to know them. Here is a company that not only sells quality leads but also has terrific training to help you when you actually do call them. The training is awesome and very in depth.

So make your chances of succeeding online much better by using these offline techniques to reach many more prospects. You will be ahead of the game if you do.

Tim Phelan has been a full time internet marketer since late 2004 and is currently helping others try to fire their boss.

Tim's blog: more articles:
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