Aluminum foil application

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Aluminum foil plays an increasing role in daily life, and Mingtai Aluminum will introduce you to several uses of aluminum foil:

   First, automotive composite foil

With the vigorous development of China's automobile industry and the continuous improvement of automobile aluminizing rate, the market demand for automotive foils has increased rapidly. There are two kinds of foils for automobiles, one is composite foil for automobile air conditioners, and China's automobile air conditioners have been fully Aluminized, the annual demand for aluminum foil reaches 15,000 tons; the other is composite foil for automotive radiators, used in the manufacture of automotive water tank radiators, car condensers and evaporators. At present, the aluminum tank rate of automotive water tanks reaches 40%, annual demand The amount is about 0.3 million tons.

Second, the medicine foil

The pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly includes a water-based, easy-opening bottle cap for injection and a medicinal PTP aluminum foil. Since the PTP aluminum foil has the advantages of moisture proof, convenient carrying, safety and hygiene, it is widely used in the international pharmaceutical industry. China has been using aluminum foil packaging medicine since 1985. So far, packaging aluminum foil only accounts for 20% of pharmaceutical packaging materials. In recent years, the pharmaceutical foil market has developed rapidly. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical market is developing rapidly, but mainly because 20% aluminum foil is in pharmaceutical packaging. The proportion of applications in the company continues to increase.

Third, flexible packaging aluminum foil

Flexible packaging is a bag-type container made of soft composite packaging materials. The appearance of flexible packaging has greatly improved the mechanization and automation level of the food and beverage industry, and has accelerated the modernization and socialization of people's eating and drinking life. In developed countries, flexible packaging has become one of the main packaging forms for food and beverages, replacing canned and bottled products within a certain range. In recent years, China's flexible packaging market has also developed rapidly. So far, 10 aluminum foil composite production lines have been introduced, which can be used in different processes such as dry compounding, hot melt compounding and extrusion compounding depending on the use of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging is not only moisture-proof and fresh-keeping, but also can print a variety of patterns and texts. It is an ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people's living standards, there is still a lot of room for development of flexible packaging aluminum foil.

Fourth, aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors

The aluminum foil used in electrolytic capacitors is a kind of corrosive material working under polar conditions. It has high requirements on the structure of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil used is divided into three types: cathode foil, thickness of 0.015mm~0.06mm; high pressure foil, thickness It is 0.065mm~0.1mm, and it is required to produce aluminum foil with high purity aluminum; low pressure foil with thickness of 0.06mm~0.1mm.

There are fewer manufacturers of domestic electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil, mainly because the market demand is not large, and the production technology has a big gap with advanced countries. However, aluminum electrolytic capacitors have good performance, low price and wide application, so the market prospect is very good. At present, Japan's annual demand is 45,000 tons, which is six times that of the Chinese market. With the development of the electronics industry and China becoming a major industrial production base, the market demand for electrolytic capacitor aluminum foil is broad.

Five, aluminum foil for cable

The outer surface of the cable is wrapped with a layer of aluminum foil for protection and shielding. This kind of aluminum foil is usually made of 1145 grade industrial pure aluminum. After continuous casting, cold rolling, slitting and complete annealing, it is divided into small coil supply cable foil compound factory according to the length required by users, and the surface of aluminum foil is covered with plastic. The film is cut into several strips into a coiled cable supply cable factory.

The cable foil is made by attaching a special plastic film (0.058mm thick) to the upper and lower surfaces of 0.15-0.20mm thick aluminum foil. There are two methods of sticking: dry sticking and wet sticking. The dry method uses a high temperature (200 ° C) roll method to stick the film; the wet method is glue bonding. Most of the current methods use dry methods. After attaching the plastic film, the film is peeled off from the aluminum foil by a special instrument to determine the degree of bonding of the plastic film. This measurement data is very important, and is called peel strength. According to the communication cable industry standard (code YD/T 723.2-94), the strength should not be less than 6.13 N/cm; in addition, the heat sealing strength should not be less than 17.5 N/cm. The surface quality of aluminum foil is the main factor affecting the peel strength. The main surface quality problems are oil spots, corrosion, peroxide, etc.
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