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Sludge dryer is suitable for municipal sludge drying. The dry treatment of sludge makes it possible for sludge agriculture to be used as fuel, incineration and even to reduce landfill sites.
The Usage of Sludge Dryer
With the improvement of the national economic strength, the improvement of the national environmental awareness and the rapid development of the urban sewage treatment industry, the production of the municipal sludge is increasing, and the treatment and utilization of the sludge are becoming more and more concerned. The sludge dryer is a very mature drying and drying equipment produced by the mining equipment manufacturers and is suitable for drying the industries such as the magnetic, heavy, floating concentrate and the cement industry of the sludge, the metal, and the non-gold ore. It is characterized by high productivity and convenient operation. The cylinder body is a horizontal rotary cylinder, and the inner part of the cylinder body is provided with a plurality of papermaking plates with different staggered angles from the front to the back, and the inner part of the cylinder body is different from the requirements of the users; the inner part of the cylinder body can be designed and provided with a refractory temperature-insulating layer; and the feeding end is provided with a door ring and a spiral plate-making plate. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, excellent production, high yield, low energy consumption, convenient operation and the like. In addition, after years of untiring efforts, the company's waste gas dryer can make the boiler tail gas as the heat supply heat source of the sludge dryer, and successfully launch the boiler waste gas dryer. Heat-supply and no investment, and has no cost. the invention has the advantages of energy-saving and is really energy-saving.
The Characteristic of Sludge Dryer
The sludge dryer is a piece special drying equipment for the research and development of the sludge, which is used to treat the sludge with high water content, high viscosity, high water content, and low heat value. A special design is made on the inner structure of the simple body of the drying machine so that the thermal efficiency is improved, and the sticky and excessive drying phenomenon of the sludge in the drying machine is effectively avoided. The new type of sludge drying machine is characterized by 1, high-efficiency energy-saving sludge drying machine, and the sludge drying machine adopts a novel transmission device, and compared with the general sludge drying machine, the coal consumption of the sludge drying machine is nearly 20 percent, and the cost is saved for customers, which is to create value for our customers. 2. The green and environment-friendly sludge drying machine and the sludge dryer adopt the multi-stage purification and dust-removing equipment to meet the environmental protection standards required by the state and reduce the pollution of the equipment to the environment.
common drying equipment
The most commonly used sludge drying equipment is a rotary dryer. And is suitable for drying urban sludge. The single-channel rotary dryer produced by a rotary dryer manufacturer is a new type of equipment developed on the general rotary dryer. The internal installation and depolymerization mechanism, the movable bar-type wing plate, the cleaning device, and the crushing and strengthening device are capable of drying the viscous material which cannot be processed by the common rotary dryer. The single-channel dryer is the best choice for the characteristics of the sludge having a certain viscosity, small particle size and the like. A single-channel rotary drying machine and a downstream process are adopted, and a special design feeding device is used, and a layer of hard shell is formed on the surface of the sludge entering the drying machine at the instant of entering the drying machine, so that the phenomenon of the sludge adhering cylinder body and the accumulation and blocking phenomenon is greatly reduced. in that 1/4 section of the head of the drying machine, in addition to the installation of the material lifting plate, the depolymerizing mechanism and the link type fin plate of the reinforced evaporation can be arranged at the same time, not only can heat the heat, but also can prevent the sludge from sticking and blocking the cylinder body and the material lifting plate, and fully utilizing the characteristic that the drying rate of the feed end is high, The method of realizing the layer-by-layer "undressing" makes it possible to quickly dry.

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