Introduction of tea bag packaging machine

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Tea bag packaging machine is suitable for seeds, tea, etc, such as vegetable seeds, Chinese medicine yinpian, health tea, tea bags and other materials such as automatic packaging. This machine is suitable for tea, medicine tea, coffee and other small particles inside and outside the bag of one-time packaging.

Features of tea bag packaging machine:

1. The machine is a new type of heat sealing, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment.The main feature of the manual sealer machine is that the inner and outer bags are shaped at one time, which avoids the direct contact between human hands and materials and improves the efficiency.

2. The inner bag is made of filter cotton paper, which can be automatically wired and labeled. The outer bag is made of composite paper.Its big advantage lies in: label and outer bag can use photoelectric positioning, packaging capacity, inner bag, outer bag, label can be arbitrarily adjusted.

3. The size of inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the different needs of users, so as to achieve the ideal packaging effect, improve the grade of product appearance and enhance the product value.

Type of tea bag packaging machine:

Line teabag packaging machine, belt line with tea bag packaging machine, inner and outer bag with line with standard bag tea packaging machine.

The pure water production line can load the material into the inner bag first, then the inner bag into the outer bag, realize the simultaneous packing of the inner and outer bags.It can automatically complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, hot pressing batch number, finished product output and other processes.The inner bag is tea filter paper, the bag is hung on the bag, and the inner bag is automatically packaged into the outer bag after packaging. The outer bag is packed in a composite film, which has the functions of moisture proof, anti-odor volatilization and preservation.

Features of tea bag packaging machine:

1. The tracking accuracy is within the speed range of 50-100 bags/min, and the error is within 0.5mm.

2. The computer sets the bag length, so as to avoid the trouble of changing gears and adjusting the bag length.

3. Uniquely set the output automatic alarm function, set the function of automatically displaying the package running speed.

4. Optional configuration of the wheel coder, 1-3 row batch number, shelf life.

5. The leading edge technology device in the tea bag brewing and paste filling machine industry features that the crushing hammer can be folded and installed on the forearm like a military bayonet to form a one-piece device, which is carried at random and easy to install. Moreover, it is applicable to most types of automatic tea bag brewing and packaging machine.

6. Very suitable for the production of hardware companies.

7. The frontier technology of tea bag packaging machine industry should have the concept of environmental protection.


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