Panthers offensive lineman Taylor Hearn made himse

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lf visible in the worst kind of way.Not only did he make TMZ Baby Donte Jackson Jersey , he made it for getting knocked out.Now, the second-year lineman is apologizing for an incident outside a bar in Augusta, Ga.‘’Dear Panther Nation: I would like to offer my deepest apologies to the Panthers organization, my teammates and coaches, the fans and the league,” Hearn said in a statement from his agent, via David Newton of ESPN.com. “I take full responsibility for my actions. There is no excuse for my behavior Best Donte Jackson Jersey , and I will learn from my mistakes.”Hopefully, he also learns to protect his face.In the video, the 6-foot-4, 315-pounder was knocked flat by a punch from a smaller man, the literal insult to injury. Hearn, undrafted from Clemson, stuck as a member of their practice squad before a December call-up to the active roster. I won’t tell you to stop me if you’ve heard this one before Adult Donte Jackson Jersey , because you have. But far too many (especially in the media) aren’t listening.Panthers safety Eric Reid has now faced seven PED tests since joining the Panthers in late September. Six (not seven, which obviously sounds better than six) were random. And Reid believes that his number is randomly coming up as part of an effort to harass him, in retaliation for the collusion grievance he previously filed against the NFL.The numbers, whether six or seven, seem curious. But here’s the one thing that the armchair statisticians and conspiracy theorists continue to ignore, consciously or not: If foul play is happening, there’s a way to try to prove it.Reid Donte Jackson Panthers Jersey , through the NFL Players Association, could file a grievance or some other proceeding aimed at forcing the independent administrator hired by the NFL and the NFLPA to show that its processes for randomly selecting 10 players per team per week are legitimate. This cockeyed notion being floated by some that the NFL has “bought off” someone from the company hired by the league and the union to rig the process can indeed be pursued. A competent lawyer and a skilled expert in digital systems would either confirm or debunk, without much effort, the accuracy and validity of the simple algorithm that picks 10 random numbers from a larger pool.If there are any flaws or quirks or missing data sets, the smoke will begin to gather. If under aggressive questioning a lab tech cracks, flickers of flame will emerge.But before any of that can happen, Reid or the union that represents him has to initiate a challenge to the process.When Reid last raised this suspicion in late November DJ Moore Panthers Jersey , it was reported that the NFLPA is looking into the situation. So what has the union found?Until Reid shares that information or otherwise files a formal grievance or other legal proceeding aimed at getting to the truth (whatever it may be), he’s no different than a politician crying “witch hunt.” But there is at least one difference: Reid has a way to try to prove that someone is hunting witches.Maybe he isn’t because he prefers the perception to the reality.

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