SBM machine: technical solution to achieve high output of cement ball mill

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How to realize the cement ball mill high yield when we are in the use of cement cement mill output amounted to less than our request we should how to solve it, and without harming the material on the basis of quality, in order to be able to make cement ball mill can meet customer satisfaction standards, we elaborate discussion finally developed solutions, here we come right away a detailed introduce you. First of all, reducing the grain-size of grinding materials in the past few years, cement grinding grain-size has not been paid attention to by cement enterprises.
In recent years, cement grinding technology has raised the grain-size of cement into an important position. More wear and tear; "Has been recognized by the industry; More wear and tear; That is to change the original into the mill 30mm material particle size under 3mm. At this stage, the production of crusher manufacturers have launched a high fine hammer crusher, screen rolling crusher, roller press and so on. According to the actual situation of the enterprise, the author changed the original jaw crusher into the ultra-fine hammer screen crusher, and the grinding particle size decreased from the original 30mm to below 5mm, thus improving the output of the mill. After that, the author used a roller press to reduce the grain size of the grinding machine to below 2mm and increase the output by more than 50%.
Before the unit began to produce cement is open circuit system, cement fineness is not easy to control, fluctuations. For this reason, the unit invested hundreds of thousands of yuan, changed the open-circuit pulverizing system to closed-circuit pulverizing system, added a high-efficiency rotor powder selecting machine, updated a high-efficiency cloth bag dust collector, so as to improve the specific surface area of cement and increase the strength of cement. SBM juki adopts roller press, scatter grading machine, Ф 3.8 x 13 m grinding system of cement mill, ball mill production was from 60 ~ 70 t/h, up to 100 ~ 120 t/h.
Thirdly, controlling the water content of grinding materials and controlling the integrated water content of grinding materials by 1.5% at the temperature are the basic requirements to ensure the high quality and high yield of the ball mill. If the water content of grinding material is too high, it will cause the roll press to squeeze material cake too solid, not easy to break up; At the same time, it is easy to cause poor ventilation in the mill, blocking the compartment plate, grate plate, paste ball, paste lining plate, dews of the dust collector. The author of the unit of the mixing material into the plant moisture, material production process drying moisture strict control, serious assessment, and the temperature into the grinding material strictly control in the range of technological requirements, to ensure the normal operation of the mill.

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