buy fifa 14 coins:The 2014 Brazil World Cup top ten to watch in Beijing beer Hall

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The 2014 Brazil World Cup top ten to watch in Beijing beer Hall

Located in Brazil opposite the Embassy, most genuine Brazil barbecue supply Brazil's home, there is no more appropriate than here where Pakistani fans. Opening in about three years, Brazil has not yet experienced the test of the World Cup,buy fifa 14 coins but the innkeeper about the upcoming peak of business done preparing. Now has been set as the main battlefield of soccer fans during the World Cup, Hung flags of fill every corner of the restaurant, projection has been erected opposite the stairs during the World Cup, where meals can also make a few changes, such as buy one beer free of two snacks, or to abandon self-service, launching small but exquisite barbecue platters. Passion moments, beer natural essential, Brazil of home also for guest provides has rich of select, except Qingdao, and Yen Ching Restaurant outside also has Germany fine stuffed, more has a paragraph from Brazil of process black beer, name said "Star Valley", worth a try wave, Tower 20 is located Yu Beijing football resort workers Stadium of 20th, stands Xia, main Spain dish La Liga fans may is most geographical of of a family, doesn't matter, drinking eat dish big can by you support of home team to. Madrid double male of hold barges, can in Madrid flavor of potatoes eggs salad and Spain team beer sponsors "hair five-star" Mahou here temporarily reached consensus; Barcelona fans is can select cuttlefish juice fine surface distribution born force San Miguel beer; Valencia of fans natural is seafood rice on Aguila beer;game-zone.co.uk Gali West each team of fans can select Deportivo Octopus and seafood soup; even Andalucia West each team of fans also has fried small fish and Cruzcampo of classic match served. Of course, absinthe and Spain 5J hams is the common pursuit of "Food, Drink, Music, and Sports "as the theme of Woodstock restaurants, restaurants, bars, cafes, a bakery in one, American food and wine, of course, is the main character, the most important thing is you can watch live global satellite television throughout the day sporting events, large projection live World Cup games.

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