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  • FIFA spectators watched the gameDatum12.02.2015 07:36
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... 92 Manchester United again! A few days ago, during a fundraising friendly, Giggs, Scholes, butt, the Neville brothers and other Manchester United 92 class members and their team-mates, with 92-controlled cable-Delphi played a friendly city. The results, Ryan Giggs penalty a penalty, but 92 classes 1-5 defeat out of friendship, Giggs, Scholes, butt and the Neville Brothers partnership acquired the local wing soles Fu city, in order to give the small team to raise money to United 92 calls for former teammates, with soles Fu City played a warm-up match. Match played at Eccles AJ Bell Stadium, attracted about 12,000 spectators watched the game, can be said to achieve the expected result class 92 and its friend, head coach of the team, is United's youth instruct father Eric Harrison, Assistant of Ferdinand is retiring this summer. Lineup includes 5 of 92 players mentioned above, in addition, the former Manchester United player Fan Degu, Mikael Silvestre, O'kane, Savage, Quinton fortune, Tony Thornley and daweimei were also invited to attend competitions were also attracted to other sports and the entertainment industry are invited to attend, such as former England cricket team captain maikeerwoen, jiekehuaitehaoer also went to the stadium to play a comedy star. Because the older United 92 style no longer, 1-5, lost to them, to 92, netted a goal was Giggs, "Wong Lo Kat" the penalty was a penalty so many stars, but the fans to calm down in the stands. One fan wearing a Manchester United shirt into court, is lucky, he gets Ryan's autograph; another crazy fans and simply hang their beam, be removed from the security field in the end United 92Ban and his friends competing lineup: Fan Degu, and the Hindu Kush grams, and Gary Neville, yuehanaokaien, daweimei, and Mikael Silvestre, Phillip Neville, and Schwitzer, Burke, and Bart, Paul Scholes, Robbie Savage, Tony Thornley, Ryan Giggs, and Vaughn, huaitehaoer, and Nesbitt decreed

  • FIFA Weber are sentenced has foulDatum11.02.2015 07:01
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Valencia was Florent Malouda put pour, this times Weber are fined has foul, but United players think Weber should again Stern points cut brand warned first half looks is Chelsea in fined Shang accounted for has big cheap, but Chelsea of fans were does not buy, because they think Weber on home team also is enough care, from opening Essien collision Evry pulled to Torres clean of shovel ball again to Florent Malouda and Rafael feet on feet, Weber are sentenced has foul, Chelsea fans think Weber on home team is not friendly, Webb fined Chelsea 11 fouls in the first half as a whole as well as for Ashley ColeYang retaliatory tackles behind fouled out in the second half, with the goal of emerging, Manchester United players and Chelsea fans did not seem to have been thinking of the referee's calls, but Webber was unwilling to do the lead, Manchester United had a second penalty is controversial. Subsection 68 minutes, Ivanovic area within leg playing didn't kicked to ball, he next to of Welbeck see Ivanovic leg stretch has out, Qian plug of when body has made fell posture, then foot to Ivanovic of leg up by, this is a is obviously of fake fell, Weber in thinking has about Hou, Ming whistle not fined fake fell but show yellow this ball and first half Cahill shovel Welbeck that Xia as, Weber station of location are is good can clearly of saw process, but first half of didn't sentenced to this ball sentenced has, How much has find balance of factors, in Weber this balance zhihou, Torres has once defensive corner Shi suspected area within handball of controversy, this ball due to no back slowed lens, specific how also on not clearly has in game Hou Chelsea upper and lower has enough of reason to suspected Weber, because in Weber Premier fined of 54 a penalty in the has 9 a to has United, proportions up to 17%, and in today Qian two a scored are is penalty Hou, United into has Premier history Shang first support continuous 4 a scored are is penalty of team (last 2 Two goals were penalty kicks 0 Stoke City). After the 3-3 draw, however, and both teams to referee Howard Webb is rather large, regardless of the Red Devils Blues was Webber, no one is the winner.

  • FIFA President electionDatum10.02.2015 07:22
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Digital press Washington tonight in a new FIFA President election, two candidates--incumbent President Sepp Blatter and AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam recently canvassing in the world respectively. Recently, the African Football Confederation says African national associations on June 1, the electoral Conference voted unanimously to support the incumbent FIFA President Sepp Blatter for re-election. Before for UEFA, football in South America, North America and the Caribbean Football Confederation has asked its national associations to vote for Blatter, had Blatter re-elected FIFA President a few of the more than half the votes cast. (Liu Xinliang) newspaper news Beijing time yesterday, won 2010-2011 season Premier League champion of United team held has annual of awards ceremony, last year summer transfer and to of "small pea" Hernandez won Busby Jazz United annual best players award, this season performance excellent of Nani obtained players Zhijian award of best players, Rooney is with in Manchester de than in the of "outer fly fairy" obtained season best gold ball. (Peng Zihan) Washington Brazil national team on June 4 and June 7 with the Netherlands and Romania squad for two friendlies. Beijing time last night, Brazil coach Menezes released the list of the latest edition of the national team. In this list, Robinho's return, while Kaka and Ronaldinho missed the national team once again. Brazil team with Romania's game was Ronaldo's national team said goodbye to when "aliens" or will play in the second half of the game. (Zhang Wenyuan) Washington, Beijing last night, the "rossoneri" AC Milan announced that club captain Massimo Ambrosini and 1-year contract extension. Now 34Year old Massimo Ambrosini is an indispensable figure in coach Massimiliano Allegri system, the new contract means that in AC Milan's Massimo Ambrosini will get through its 17th year, he will become, at present, the AC Milan for the "rossoneri" effectiveness of longest-serving player. (Zhang Wenyuan) Washington early today Beijing time, Madrid was officially announced, aertengputuo to joining Real Madrid on a free transfer, Turkey received a four-year contract, the annual salary of 2.4 million euros. This is the second after Shaheen, Real Madrid hammered out this summer and the second deal, coincidentally was 28 years old aertengputuo also from the Bundesliga. (Wang Shiwei) report from our correspondent in Beijing yesterday, delapeina announced that the veteran La Liga Espanyol, he officially retired after the end of the Spanish League this weekend. Barcelona, who played for the team's debut in the famous delapeina "La Masia" teenager become famous but because his personality losing form and injury problems. Last round of the Spanish League this season, Espanyol vs Sevilla match will become the delapeina's farewell game. (Wang Shiwei) Washington and Manchester United's Champions League final countdown moments, from the Barca camp good news, recent injury-plagued veteran Carles Puyol injury has improved, has participated in the team's first practice. Carles Puyol in the match of the season, Barcelona remains unbeaten. As the Barcelona defender's iron gates, the whole team of anchor pins, Puyol would participate in the Champions League final, Barcelona will play the strongest team.

  • FIFA in Mourinho of strategyDatum09.02.2015 07:17
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Said up situation, football unmanned can out its right, actually this season of Chelsea, also repeatedly played feast for the of football, and Everton big playing Serena war, 6 3 won; 4 2 beat Swansea, and 3 0 victory Vera, Chelsea scenes and results let people satisfaction certainly regardless of from hard strength also is Mourinho of squad see, Chelsea are also didn't to a riding must dust of point, 3 points variable 1 points such of things, believes also in he of expected, because he of bottom line is don't lost off game so problem to has, Chelsea gold when our body will be broken? God is confused by the Israeli-Palestinian back pot of Liverpool?Anyway, of course, Mourinho's "mercy" Chelsea also slowed the pace of progress, unbeaten throughout the season? He himself more than once said: "that's impossible. ”Chelsea's season two draws, away 1-1 draw at Manchester City, 1-1 draw with Manchester United, Mourinho's two games routines are similar, but CESC Fabregas almost vanished. Mourinho on teams of "mercy" tactical, small method is necessary of victim in Mourinho of strategy in, away challenge giants, first to based defensive, losing ball is first target, again using fast counterattack, and positioning ball "sneak attack" opponents, if made leading, quickly withdrawal Xia one attack hand, for Shang defensive type lumbar (Mikel); if 90 minutes stuffy war 0 0 mutual upsets, Mourinho also does not was disappointed. 2013-14 season, Chelsea 0-0 draw with Manchester United away from home, away from home 0-0 draw with arsenal was a MU-classics of the strategy. In the media, the fans seem so very boring game, but for Mourinho,, 1 minute is better than rushing led to empty handed was much better this season, Chelsea came Diego gekesita, Remy, Didier Drogba against much more pointed, the team gets into better. Strong dialogue, style he continued to be in the past. 1-1 draw at Manchester City, Chelsea struck the bus, not even Diego gekesita stationed in our own half. Until Zabaleta red leaves play, Chelsea dominated the number offering a rapid counterattack, Xu Erlei 70th-minute goal after a 1-0 lead he began to retreat, but in the 85th minute Frank Lampard scored the equaliser for Manchester City to score. A full match, Chelsea possession 40%, rescue 25, shot 2 times, and the scene was quite untidy. Pellegrini taunts Mourinho: "Chelsea didn't want to win 10 of them back in front of the penalty area, played with small teams. ”

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... On 56 minutes van Persie pass, Ashley young penalty area front right foot shot was parried by Ritter. On 58 minutes, Rafael pass, Kagawa shot blocked off the line. On 59 minutes, Van Persie's cross from the right, Rafael 5 yard header top high 64thMinutes, bridges cross from the left, David de GEA fight not touching ball hit at the top by Petritsch and Nemanja Vidic on the heel of his right foot into the goal, Manchester United 3-2 lead. On 68 minutes, Manchester United put on Rooney and Danny Welbeck. On 69 minutes, Duff pass beilai strongly and hit a deheyatuo bar. Fulham out of the tactical corner beilai playing wall and Hughes left 5-yard left-footed shot after the match, David struggled to save on 78 minutes, Rooney's 25-yard free kick right-footed shot was blocked off by a wall out, Rooney's pass, Rafael frontier powerfully, Schweizer above the crossbar. On 81 minutes, Ryan Giggs replacing Anderson. On 82 minutes, beilai pass b Louis strike was parried by Cleverley, Louis b straight, luodalaijia left bottom line 8-yard shot parried by Carrick on 87 minutes, Tom Cleverley middle break left-footed low shot from 25 yards just missed the right post. 88 minutes, Steve Sidwell and then a free kick directly hanging doors left. The 91 minute, Cleverley's pass, Rooney 18 yards curls ball the ball of his right foot. After 93 minutes, luodalaijia 25-yard free kick right-footed shot, the ball was parried, luodalaijia long shot was parried. Injured Rooney gestured at this time, the referee to halt the match, Rooney's right thigh was nailed by luodalaijia drew a long, deep gash, Rooney was carried off. 97 minutes, beilai right even after the two men have been crossing, unguarded b Lewis 6-yard headed goal, David struggled to save. Ultimately, United's 3-2 win.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... It is enough to see David Moyes for Van Persie and Wayne Rooney on the renewal of contracts, is also due to the presence of Robin van Persie, Manchester United have more clout. Three years ago, when Rooney when Manchester United given full mobilization at 25Million pounds was paid to stay fat. At that time up front alongside Wayne Rooney of Manchester United, there is no reliable ACE. The compromise forced Manchester United to take the initiative, retain Wayne Rooney and now van Persie let Manchester United not as passive as three years ago. In now of red magic array in the, Robin van Persie undoubtedly is absolute of ACE, Shang season of strong performance let fanpeixicheng to United Darling, and tonight Robin van Persie also with himself of performance proved has, he has capacity carry up red magic of striker such one warm-up may does not can was many people bearing in mind, but you must knows, this is Moyes helm United Hou of first victory, is he in questioned and criticized sound in the obtained of first victory. Bring him victory was van Persie, not Wayne Rooney. Which undoubtedly was more determined by United manager Netherlands people's determination to strike first.

  • FIFA World Cup mascot gift suppliersDatum05.02.2015 07:57
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in...

    Wei light group established Yu 1992, is a set design, and production, and sales Yu one of global gift service leading who, business throughout global multiple national and area, has more article currently world Shang most advanced of metal manufacturing line and the large machine equipment, in 12 big production district, and 6 big process of processing line for production, processing from world around of production orders, average per month total reached 8 million to 12 million pieces Li Zheyu introduced, Wei Guang participation since 1994 United States World Cup goods got out of hand after development, including Football Cup in 1994 and 1996 United States Atlanta Olympics, in 2000 Australia Sydney Olympic Games in 2004, Greece Athens Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and other major international sports events, can be found, "Wei light" figure of 2010 South Africa World Cup, Wei has become the gift of light exclusive global manufacturer. In 2011, the Wei first FIFA authorized, as 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup mascot gift suppliers and manufacturers in the world, "now that we have started for the next World Cup and the Olympic Games and European Championship preparations. "Li Zheyu confidently said that according to reports, the" manufacturing "Brazil World Cup gift store only four, the sales region covering Asia, North America and Oceania in at least 16 countries and regions, including China, Japan and the United States, and Australia.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Left feet constantly to towards horse anti-of controlled ball feet kicked with, hands while in kept to pushed with he, block he mile to back; horse anti-this once no angry, he wants to using technology Hoang opened this hate of entanglement who, saw he gravity Xia moved, to right a exaggerated of shaking, right shoulder also to right sinking, to right breakthrough of intent becomes, Tan Meng figure slightly right moved, prepared seal blocking he of forward route suddenly between, Horse anti-left feet site, up support feet role, a quick of turned, right feet in turned of while put ball knock go, to Hong Kong team area hinterland fast March; this high guy this suddenly of turned let Tan Meng caught off guard, in tail chase of process in the, he of right hand is instinct to forced pulled live horse anti-of Jersey, side side Shang "Squeak" of a sound crack out has together is long of ditch, horse anti-of dash speed due to blocked and slow has down, ball was quickly fill anti-of Hong Kong team Defender damage. Referee whistle, indicating Tan Mengla foul, awarding the Chinese team a free kick up front; resistance is very depressed, he regretfully pulled the tattered shirt for the referee to look at, vent their dissatisfaction with looks like: "see not, birds of Saudi Arabia, which give that kid!

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... From game four of eight focus of law enforcement experience, the referee's performance as the game gets deeper and more outstanding. Undoubtedly, can law enforcement eight strong, and semi-final even eventually finals of main whistle are is FIFA Referee Committee scoring high of main referee Netherlands and "dark horse" Costa Rica of game by Asia gold whistle yiermatuofu law enforcement, this field game is he fourth times main whistle Brazil World Cup, and South Africa World Cup he more is altogether law enforcement has 5 field game, only 36 age of Uzbekistan people can be described as FIFA focus training of main referee. Yiermatuofu this service performed well in 120 minutes in the fierce competition to maintain a good fitness, in both offensive and defensive speed he can guarantee accurate positioning is not easy.

    In addition, the Liverpool skipper Steven Gerrard will debut in the competition, will be the 100th for England appearances, he will become England's "baichang player" sixth man in Roy Hodgson also revealed that he had decided Jenkins called up arsenal Defender team, and his team travelled to Stockholm next week. Jenkins 20 years old father was British and his mother was a Finland people. He has represented the U21, U19, Finland played, and has also represented England U17 team, but never elected to either side of the adult team, Hodgson said: "I didn't put him on the list because it hasn't got the FIFA license file, but we believe that a day or two later they would approve of.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Gambling is the United Kingdom a part of the culture, a manifestation of the British way, bookmakers in the United Kingdom is also spread throughout the territory, not to mention sporting events, even the next United States President who is, gaming companies in the United States opened the odds before the general election in the United Kingdom, gambling is legal. End of the 19th century after the birth of the modern game, gambling has become an important part of the gaming industry. In in the 1960 of the 20th century United Kingdom Government for the gambling industry before enacting legislation, athletes and coaches to accept bribery and match-fixing is common.

    The first 12 minutes, Shatov passes Faizullin horizontal pulling to near the top of the arc with left foot shot fell out by Courtois. The first 14 minutes, and debulaonei before the cut to the top of the arc to the left of play, Maertens cross knocking on the plug on the right side of the area was cleared. The first 22 minutes, debulaonei the long ball to the right side of the penalty area, Maertens plug shot out to the right of the area after 30 minutes, yigenasheweiqi pass, kanunikefu perimeter blasting was Courtois fell out of his right foot.

    West Asian bosses scrambling for power and survival in the crevice of the Chinese soccer is a challenge. In January next year, East Asian Football Confederation also faces election pressure, if Japan and South Korea disagree, if only one candidate running for FIFA Executive Committee members and the Asian Football Confederation Vice President also is in doubt. (Zhe Zhang).

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... In this way, multiple interest groups to put pressure on FIFA, and bulatecai was forced to change the way of thinking, intends to change end of 2022 World Cup was held. It is reported that Qatar December weather is not too hot, temperatures of about 20 degrees Celsius in the morning, midday temperatures higher, the Sun can reach 98 degrees, it can be considered more suitable for football. (Big bear).

    FIFA said that using goal-line technology was not directly replaced the referee call, the referee has the final say. In addition, the signal only goal-line technology will be transferred to the referee won't let television viewers and spectators to see. Before each game, umpires group to test the system to meet the game requirements.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Historically, Brazil and Chile have played 65 times, Samba has won 46 times, Chile won only 7 times. Selecao in recent years Chile has 7 WINS, 5 of them are Dunga era. Of course, the most important game is the two teams at the World Cup.

    "FIFA President Sepp Blatter said the World Cup theme: World Cup theme created by fanzhelisi, mainly highlighting effects World Cup held in Asia for the first time in the world. The song by Korea and Japan music classics in the drum and the impact of other factors, combined with the soothing melody of the East. Fanzhelisi is Greece world music master, "electronic music of Tchaikovsky," said.

    Neck cross in front of it is talent and technical threshold. This time, reaching out to international gaming Giants EA, the introduction, cultivation of talents is not impossible thing. Even listening to lectures, lessons can benefit from Need for Speed.

    Netherlands team Lord Arjen Robben says: "since March, lost to France since the team, the coach has changed the team's tactics, and now we're trying to play-532. For this set of tactics, we conducted in-depth discussions and eventually we all think this is a very positive change for the team. ”。

  • the recipe is provided by FIFADatum24.01.2015 08:02
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Initially, she uses her skilled English communication with translation with Nancy received the teams met on the first day of a very difficult issue. Shenyang Olympic village is located in the Marriott Hotel, Marriott Hotel prepared a separate dining room for each team, but the recipe is provided by FIFA, dominated by Western, so many Korean players are not adapted to changing the recipe at the Olympic village is a ordinary people imagine the trouble. In order to ensure food safety of the players, not only can change the menu through the Beijing Organizing Committee agreed that each dish and even the seasonings after careful check, food safety authorities.

    But if the case is too complex, too contentious, will consist of 11 members jointly issued the award, they will use anonymous ballot and a simple majority decision verdict. If the positive and negative votes, President ciwangqige has a right to decide. In addition, because the players status Committee ruling to mediation, trial process requires time, earlier cases from complaint to sentenced duration within a maximum of two years.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Morning News News (reporter Hao Tao Zhang Xin) reporter yesterday from Ministry of public security confirmed, Liaoning police organ task force recently law communications has China FA Deputy President Nan Yong, and Yang yimin, and original Referee Committee Director Zhang jianqiang case accept survey reporter understanding to, for identified using commercial bribery illegal manipulation domestic Football League and bet ball of several up focus case facts, in sports sector vigorously support Xia, police organ law combat commercial bribery manipulation game and bet ball illegal crime of action, full reflected has punish corruption, and reorganization football of determination, Also let people see the revitalization of China football the confidence and hope it was reported that Nan Yong and Yang yimin and Zhang jianqiang 3 people were surveyed in the 15th of this month was taken away by public security organs. 15th 5:10 P.M., FA integrated Office notified, asked nan, Yang and the two men met at the General 8:30 to. Two people in my office waiting for 3 hours later, driving to the Office attended the meeting.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Maradona had continued shelling in the host their own show on. Number one out of the mirror, wearing a specially made t-shirt that read "we are with you, Luis. "Maradona," said FIFA's decision was shameful, they don't take into account the fans feel.

    Zhu Xiaodong at the Japan Professional Football League job, is under chuanyuansanlang. Chuanyuansanlang hoped he can use the advantages of nationality on the exchange of Chinese and Japanese football to do specific work. With the help of Zhu Xiaodong, Wang Junsheng, Lang Xiaonong, who made several trips to Japan Football Association investigated, chuanyuansanlang many times to China to attend the various soccer events being the head of ocean sports, Zhu Xiaodong am constantly dealing with the Chinese Football Association.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Xu jiayin has said as long as evergrande captured the AFC, it will host the Club World Cup on the agenda. Bid to host the FIFA Club World Cup in addition to make a cash deposit, but must also be sure that the games are conducted in December, at least has 2 approved by FIFA standard soccer pitches and 4 training ground, has a sufficient number of five-star hotels and convenient international airports from the hardware point of view, Guangzhou's bid for the World Cup is not difficult. Datong Lippi, in particular, the case of the three-year extension, the team's World Cup hopes in a broader arena leagues.

    Bribery, bribery is a crime in any country, but does not apply to FIFA football murder? Yes, this is what FIFA is doing business. FIFA for 24 years to create the world's first football campaign, James Bratt as the sport's leaders. 13 years later, that Havelange bag's Secretary, has grown into a tyrant.

    Of a third world economy Japan, participated 4 times now, Championship, top four are not, only two top 16 times. Conclusions, because at the Olympics project number, it would be a focus, so countries with poor economies are not available to many gold medals, and with the football World Cup has only one item, there is no economic power, as long as the number of sports will be able to get some good results. Japan is now 46 national governing body UEFA rankings, ranked 29 out of 32 countries attended.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Replacement Qian Captain Barak expedition of Sami Khedira (Khedira) was born in Tunisia family, striker Marin (Marin) is Bosnia descendants, Boateng (Boateng) has Ghana and Germany dual, card exam (Cacau) from name heard to on knows he not Germans, he was born Brazil also has this a session budding of Maxima--21 age of Ernie ozil (Ozil), he is Turkey immigrants of offspring, German war day he of grandmother in Turkey of hospital died, He in South Africa crying has one Hou Pack mood, second days in Stadium Shang continues to played attack organizers of role, active to teammate manufacturing opportunities, for Germany made has important of victory Germany is a national character features sharp, national pride is strong of national, even such of national are has large of immigrants appeared, had to admitted, in now this era, "immigrants" has is world range within a is General of migration behavior. These immigrants changed the Germany team's character, past Germany is standard German will, plain, tough, attacking resolutely, so "Germany chariot" reputation. Now this car "mixed power" of Germany chariot, except speed and efforts, also plus has delicate of technology, smooth of tie in once access in the, Ernie ozil answered reporter related Germany team immigrants problem Shi said: "regardless of we from Brazil, and Ghana also is Poland, we are will himself considered is Germans, we for can body put Germany team shirt and pride, this on we, is a great of honors! ”。

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... World Cup once every four years, already spanning the scope of pure sport, around the economic activities carried out by the World Cup is enough to witness the charm of soccer multi-directional. South Africa World Cup, authorisation and licensing for television sponsorship has been for FIFA (FIFA) generated more than $ 3 billion in revenue. In addition to the host country's economic benefits beyond Needless to argue, Jim Goldman economics. Shaq's studies have shown that team's performance can also affect a country's economic development.

    Yesterday, Blatter on the scene at the AFC Congress, everyone knows, the mighty FIFA President could not intervene in the AFC. United Kingdom famous of opening black reporter Jennings previously revealed, in this times Asia AFC general election in the, Blatter will manipulation results, in campaign in the squeeze off Zheng Meng associate FIFA Deputy President of seat, support Jordan wangzihousaiyin upper, so comes, Blatter on can in 2011 of FIFA general election in the continues to elected FIFA President Zheng Meng associate of defeated actually is a signal, China FA of internal persons afterwards revealed, they at feel in then of FIFA Executive of race in the, On behalf of China's Zhang Jilong in a disadvantageous position, even Japan's tiandaoxingsan is in jeopardy. Not surprisingly, Zhang Jilong and tiandaoxingsan both fail.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Network news in the South for nearly two days, world football AC Milan announced and is the most surprising news in the Brazil striker Rivaldo early termination. Rivaldo is recognized worldwide as a super striker, in his career, the exotic Brazil who created the brilliant achievements of countless ordinary people is difficult to hope and back; AC Milan to give up such a good player, obviously not entirely for football reasons. Rivaldo has experienced since his debut the following profiles.

    However, Luo, fans say, Ronaldo's move to Real Madrid General transfer ears to die never. Ronaldo comments into the top ten of the world soccer award, ranked first, dozens of. The move was considered the top ten other semantic transfer, cause such effects, would dare say just plain move, don't face.

    Because it was claimed in early June FIFA Brazil World Cup's commercial work has made significant achievements, will be issued 209 Members Association $ 750,000 in bonuses. It is understood that this amount has been filed issued thanks to the China Football Association was one of the first associations to submit Award application form, so that already obtained the first issuance of the $ 250,000 bonus. It is understood that this lump-sum bonuses of 15% must be used for the construction of women's soccer FIFA Brazil World Cup profit of $ 4.5 billion.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... While technology cannot replace human brains, cannot completely eliminate manipulated, but experience has shown that on the tennis and basketball courts, the technological means can indeed help people reduce miscalculation and reduce the possibility of manipulation. Therefore, on the issue of the introduction of high technology, if FIFA insists on adherence to the "rule of man" authority, cannot stop the people punish speculation, is not out of some kind of selfishness, in order to facilitate manipulating football charms, certainly is not miscarriage of Justice. Football's greatest charm, is under a uniform set of rules, people from different countries, irrespective of the positions, whether rich or poor, strong or weak, are fairly competitive, depends on the strength, perseverance and trying to earn respect.

    First, the final two rounds there are too many "uncontrollable" factors, and involves the relegation, the AFC, England's Football Association to play fair but also used his quick wits. Second, the Chinese Football Association Super League is hosting Association, "as the host Association, the Chinese Football Association has the right to modify the League bylaws, rules, and break for 30 minutes in full compliance with the provisions of the Chinese Football Association Premier League regulations. ”。

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