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  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... So FIFA is further supervision of football it is necessary the second despite the General Administration of sport of China learn from their mistakes, to take measures to manage the foot control center, but govern themselves, monitor themselves have been countless facts prove ineffective. Forces to help supervise at least is not a bad thing, of course, people also know what FIFA is not a clean body, football Emperor FIFA credited contribution to world football, but its power to encroach on money has also been condemned. Johansson, 82 years old was then President of UEFA, he is competing with Blatter, FIFA President, by 80:111 votes to defeat, but the latest revelations of scandals shows, Sepp Blatter's vote-buying behavior.

    Eventually, Keisuke Honda aimed at middle, cool shot. Japan again leading then summarize the pros and cons of 2004 Asian Cup semi-final against Bahrain far in battle had been inexplicably sent off tengbaoren proposes to find the causes. "The fundamental reason for this is that long when dealing with the Valley's back-pass, mishandling, lead Kawashima rescue is not complete, ultimately lead to chaos.

    [Executive summary] FIFA Secretary General Jerome valcke, 27th in Rio de Janeiro, said, "I think Luis Suarez now should receive appropriate treatment, to ensure that he will not be another" bite ". "However, foreign media reports said Suarez this morning have returned to Uruguay in Montevideo, the capital, at the airport, thousands of Uruguay fans for the hero's welcome in his home new Rio de Janeiro, June 27 (Xinhua Zhang Ziyang) FIFA General Secretary Jerome valcke to 27th in Rio de Janeiro, said," I think Luis Suarez now should receive appropriate treatment, to ensure that he will not be another "bite". ”。

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city, is not only the economic centre, also very deep football heritage. The plethora of professional football clubs in São Paulo, in which Pakistani veteran will take place between Corinthians and Sao Paulo's most famous. Club can seat more than 70,000 people in Sao Paulo's Morumbi Stadium, but the Corinthians as Brazil's richest Club have no Stadium of its own.

    For example, before the start of the World Cup, FIFA requires national and regional reporters made an application in advance of specific games. But after the request, you may obtain approval from FIFA. If you are applying to 10 games, whether already approved 4 to 5 games is fine, other games if you can have 3 to 4 games be included in "waiting list (waiting list)" are you particularly care.

    Bottom line after the referee does not work, on the launch of electronic calls for goal-line technology again, and amplified. Li Rixin thinks than the touch judges, he is more recognized by FIFA was studying electronic goal-line technology, "Electronics is mechanical. Is entered, no is no, very objective! "People get it wrong, but the machine has error is also an indisputable fact.

    12 minutes of a match, France had to concede, but the heart does not jump, breath, a pair of hold the overall posture. Or naked by that score in that Department, all thought like the goal of the game is French himself. Runs less than the others, like high salt and no, France does not lose a little justified.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... But Iran is not Qatar, any minute, he would not have the slightest idea: "whose position can be moved, only two people are untouchable, one for Li Weifeng, the other a Zheng Zhi. "This faith Ali. Zheng Zhi of Han is not going to change PIN is firmly on the defensive line, only one crossed the center line, and after passing a ball, hurry back. No more going a step, he was supposed to get the die command.

    Yesterday afternoon, the AFC Executive Committee on the adoption of a new AFC quota allocation scheme, the Chinese Super League after one year later in 2013 and 2014, two seasons 4 Zhang Yaguan race participants. However, the Chinese Football Association did not lose because of the good news, had just returned from the AFC's Football Association Vice-Chairman Yu Hongchen said "Super not safe at the AFC competition, in the implementation of the Club building, improving the popularity of the field, Super League next year should strive to lift the AFC Champions, within the next 5 years, super target is the pent up demand surpassing Korea k-League. ”。

    "Shang season, horse Rico moved Liao foot performance well, new season has 37 age of veteran prepared moved Hong Kong League for horse Rico of wages problem, Shenzhen Club boss Wan Hongwei yesterday said:" 2008 season of wages and now of deep foot no directly of relationship, because deep foot in 2008 by Shenzhen City FA managed, players of salary by managed party bear, we only do some coordination work. When I buy deep enough, nor in the transfer transaction involving the sum of wages. We are coordinating and Shenzhen Football Association, hoping to solve the problem of horse Rico.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Because football is not only the game win or lose, players good or bad. It also includes political, economic, cultural and social. Football, a war without gun smoke, not just on the field.

    Women become more enthusiastic, outgoing and caring, men infected will become clumsy and dull. And regardless of men and women infection Hou are more easy has guilt sense and not security, or sentimental good impulse, has has evidence will bow insect and schizophrenia contact up bow insect belongs to native bio territories top complex croquet insect outline ball insect accounts meat spores insect section, is cell within parasites, currently Earth Shang has half of population was its infection, but due to national geographical different and has is big of differences, to China, and Korea for representative of Asia infection only 3% 7%, and French infection chances is up to 80%, Spain, and Italy also reached 50% Infection rates above. In Brazil, two-thirds women of childbearing age have been infected, while in the United States, this figure is one-eighth we think of France, Italy, and Spain in the World Cup's overall record, and then think about Brazil girls wild Samba style ... ... Does humanity really is little vermin control it?.

    Yesterday at around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the Chinese had in hotel for night race, but received notification from FIFA postponed the match. Coaching staff in a hotel conference room, immediately convene a meeting of the players of the Chinese team, announced the decision after the meeting of FIFA postponed the match, China coach Marika Domanski said in an interview: "FIFA's decision was somewhat late for us. We have today has been actively preparing for the night game.

  • Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... Finally, in the last eight against France Shi, Lahm and Miroslav Klose, Lahm is back to being right back another result, Schweinsteiger in midfield metronome is started again, while Klose's starting center meant that piece of history will be rewritten France is Germany's strongest opponent in the World Cup race, Yes, from staffing than on Brazil too strong. France team has group game most mark of Center Benzema, right-wing is World Cup Shang technology most smart of winger waerbuaina, midfielder also has was think is Zinedine Zidane successor of bogebadeshang is one excellent of coach, he with State excellent of winger gelieziman replaced and Benzema in location Shang frequency born discord of Giroux, specializes in pulled Sam side, student suppressed has heavy back right Defender location of Germany captain of assists. And United States teams similar to gelieziman specifically looking for space in between RAM and Boateng, teammates gave him time and time again sent the ball straight on to Rahm didn't return to the 2008 UEFA Cup final, because the foot of slippery Torres "raw" mess.

    SINA sports news Beijing time on July 14, Suarez bite cases, punishment by FIFA to 4 months does not take part in any football-related activity. Although this items ban does not hamper he free transfer to Barcelona, but according to FIFA said, Suarez still cannot public debut any football activities, even cannot participate in and football related of charity activities FIFA Media head diliyafeisheer to AP confirmed has this point, diliyafeisheer said: "this items ban involving all and football related of activities, he cannot public participate in football activities, regardless of is in what locations, he even cannot participate in and football related of charity activities. ”。

  • Due to the lack of high-level support Datum07.01.2015 09:51
    Thema von Nalia29zhq im Forum Dies ist ein Forum in... "Muttered quiet uncomfortable, he was not willing to share first place in the scoring charts and Zlatan Ibrahimovic seats, no, must work harder to score, Ibrahimovic stepped down. Buddy said he would let the guy can't see the taillights of the car this time, Ronaldo said with a smirk, "calling Zlatan Ibrahimovic to score two, and you'll be stepping on any longer. ”。

    Due to the lack of high-level support in China, Zhang Jilong amid calls for extreme cases give up running for AFC President's Office. However, Zhang Jilong was based on their years of accumulated contacts in the AFC and FIFA, succeeded to win the post of FIFA Executive Committee Zhang Jilong graduated from Beijing second foreign language Institute into the international division of the National Sports Commission to engage in Foreign Affairs, and in 1978 was in charge of football Affairs, and the Chinese football. Zhang Jilong to football soon showed great personal capacities in the fields of Foreign Affairs, in 1989 into the AFC as a member of the Rules Committee, in 1994 into the FIFA Women Committee, 1996 by-election as AFC Vice President, during which he was Vice Chairman of the competition Committee.

    Brazil legend Romario spoke at social media also said Mandela's fight for segregation in Africa, humanity courses common names and with a wonderful history. Brazil team's star player Cristiano Ronaldo but also in social media expressed their sincere gratitude to the latter for the Nelson Mandela changed the world, and to wish Nelson Mandela to rest. Also commemorate Mandela's football star on social media and world footballer of the year Ronaldo.

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